Campus Interview & Job Fair

We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making the lives of our students better. We work together with 42+ corporate companies, 10+ colleges and 5000+ students across Hyderabad & Tamilnadu to ensure that our students get access to relevant employment opportunities. The campus recruitment process has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include increased selection ratios, building company loyalty among students, etc. The companies can quickly select the best students for jobs and students can get a reputed job even before completing their academic course. The main disadvantages are that companies incur high expenses for recruiting and training new employees.

Campus Placements:

  • Wider pool of candidates, who can be hired for jobs.
  • Saves time and efforts for companies hiring
  • Long term relationship with future companies.
  • More high-quality candidates can be selected through this recruitment process.
  • Company loyalty can be built up by campus selection process.

Job Fair

  • Opportunity to explore multiple employment opportunities.
  • Interact directly with employers about the skills they are looking for and find out about available job opportunities.
  • Your organization receives more revenue-producing activities.
  • Saves time on data entry.
  • Access information on a range of local employment support services and training options to help you find employment quickly.
  • Cyber Fords Job Fair in Hyderabad & Tamil Nadu placed more than 1500 candidates in the last quarter alone.

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